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La América

We are a diverse team with a clear objective: being enthusiastic about coming to work every morning. We find in strategic thinking, technology, design and communication a reason to achieve this.

Not depending on anyone enables us to set our own rules. And the first and most important one is Respect. Respect for each of us who make La America. Respect for our clients, their work and ideas. Respect for every single person who collaborates with us in each project we do. Respect for our work, as professionals, intellectuals and cutting edge people. By cutting edge we mean the ability to adapt to change.

Everything we do must be special, memorable and effective. Team work, collaboration and powerful ideas make this ambition come true.

There are no "intermediaries" in La America. We believe in simple, straightforward and honest relationships. We do not hide or pretty up things. We speak about them and find solutions.


  • Alejandro Domínguez Alejandro Domínguez
    Alejandro Domínguez. Partner – Strategy Director.
  • Keke Roberts Keke Roberts
    Keke Roberts. Partner – Executive Creative Director.
  • Rafael D´Alvia Rafael D´Alvia
    Rafael D´Alvia. Partner – Executive Creative Director.
  • Sebastián Stagno Sebastián Stagno
    Sebastián Stagno. Partner – Executive Creative Director.
  • Adrián Rey Adrián Rey
    Adrián Rey. Copywriter.
  • Camila Pérez Mollo Camila Pérez Mollo
    Camila Pérez Mollo. Producer.
  • Carla Potenza Carla Potenza
    Carla Potenza. Assistant.
  • Carolina Mellian Carolina Mellian
    Carolina Mellian. Producer.
  • Christian Camean Christian Camean
    Christian Camean. Creative Director.
  • Federico Giménez Federico Giménez
    Federico Giménez. Designer.
  • Franca Passarelli Franca Passarelli
    Franca Passarelli. Office Manager.
  • Gustavo Gitmanabitch Gustavo Gitmanabitch
    Gustavo Gitmanabitch. Art Director.
  • Jimena Oliva Jimena Oliva
    Jimena Oliva. Producer.
  • Kevin Cabuli Kevin Cabuli
    Kevin Cabuli. Art Director.
  • Leandro Villalba Leandro Villalba
    Leandro Villalba. Graphic Producer.
  • Lucas Antunes Lucas Antunes
    Lucas Antunes. Art Director
  • Malena Patris Malena Patris
    Malena Patris. Strategist.
  • Manolo Chada Manolo Chada
    Manolo Chada. Digital Director.
  • Manolo Jofré Manolo Jofré
    Manolo Jofré. Strategy Director.
  • Manuela Charre Manuela Charre
    Manuela Charre. Art Director
  • Mariel Nogues Mariel Nogues
    Mariel Nogues. Finance Director.
  • Martina Fontana Martina Fontana
    Martina Fontana. Art Director.
  • Matías Asencio Matías Asencio
    Matías Asencio. Strategy Director.
  • Micaela Salvay Micaela Salvay
    Micaela Salvay. Front Desk.
  • Natalia Gamarra Natalia Gamarra
    Natalia Gamarra. Opetations Director.
  • Nicolás Larroquet Nicolás Larroquet
    Nicolás Elizari. Graphic Producer.
  • Nicolás Larroquet Nicolás Larroquet
    Nicolás Larroquet. Copywriter.
  • Raúl Vassena Raúl Vassena
    Raúl Vassena. Head of Art.
  • Tomás-Duhalde Tomás-Duhalde
    Tomás Duhalde. Copywriter.
  • Tomás Gianelli Tomás Gianelli
    Tomás Gianelli. Copywriter.
  • Yanina Rosmarino Yanina Rosmarino
    Yanina Rosmarino. General Tasks.
  • Cecilia Paredes Cecilia Paredes
    Cecilia Paredes. General Tasks.

Our Clients


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